The intention of these works is to push my current boundaries by creating experimental landscape installations dealing with diverse ideas to be understood not only through my particular aesthetic and the discovery of variable interactions of new forms but that which represents events within our environment.


As this body of works develops a kind of visual language that transcends linguistics begins to exist. To be considered as both non-figurative and figurative simultaneously, conceptually open-ended and are open to varied interpretations.


These works blur the line between sculpture, painting, and conceptual installation. They are realized through my current discipline of three-dimensional stretched canvases, treated with marine resin and aeronautic clear coat becoming suitable for exterior display. In most cases these elements are both free standing and wall mounted.

My working process is initiated through what may be considered a type of meditation performed through initially clearing the mind of ones pre-conceived notions of form. By creating forms in a near thoughtless way, somewhat like explained in John Cage’s Chance Operations, I begin creating from a first notion and formalizing the forms and color for fabrication only to insure invention.

Perhaps this work could be considered an alternative, scaled up game of chess with pieces that change relationships accordingly. Since these works have variable dimensions, perceptions can and will change depending on what the installation’s site-specific parameters are. All pieces are stand-alone and may and or may not have a common thread of alliance linking to other grouped pieces.


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