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These works represent 4 sociopolitical paintings produced in 1995. The show title is Just Another Day in the Neighborhood.

This series of four figurative, sociopolitical collage paintings which contain multiple images painted in variety of styles all measure 60”h x 48”w and are painted with oil on linen. Each piece and image is intended to convey a different idea or piece of the puzzle in both imagery and technique.

The rather underbelly of human nature is depicted by some standards but on the other hand there is an exciting intrigue to the subject matter. These works are a sort of voyeur's look into habits and necessities that most may rather view from a distance than actually experience.

  1. 1.Hard drugs, modeling agencies, Charlie Parker and Basquiat in absolute chaos. Is it necessary for greatness or perhaps a destructive fantasy of cool created through pop culture. Oh, what fun.

2. Partly appropriated from Soldier of Fortune Magazine it seems that this current arms fetish seems to be taking shape in horrific and ever escalating ways. There’s nothing sexier than hollow point.  Is it something to do with making ones penis feel larger? Perhaps. Never mind the apocalypse according to our friendly ghost. The hereafter is where it's at. Get e’m All, You’ll Love Em.....mmmmmm.

3. Supposedly the King of Thailand freed the slaves and is revered by the masses. In one of Europe's playgrounds, it seems the king's amulet was only replaced by a government issued numbered plastic heart pin which is a necessity for all legitimate working girls in the major cities. Have they turned a generation into nothing more than holes or is it poverty's only way out. You My Number One. I cook too. You take me your country.

4. Other non-idealistic propositions are highlighted in Low Money No Honey. Billboarded by pages of mail order brides from the Thai Club For Men Catalogue, a flattened rusted can with a high heel mark, and let's not forget the almighty dollar and empty hand to mention a few of the icons. Only got a fiver? Guess it’s another romantic dinner for one.