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Kundalini Odalisque and Chakras Gone Wild Series

These postmodern female figure studies are concerned with color, form, gesture and kinetic relationships. By juxtaposing three-dimensional embossing with flat geometric color, multidimensional conversations are created between the figure, graphics and their unseen surroundings. This series is a response to the sensuality, mystery and depth of feminine nature illustrated through Kundalini yoga poses.

These ongoing gestural approaches to poses and spiritual aberrations are exemplified with varied results. Being part of my weekly practice, my personal experience suggests that the majority of Kundalini practitioners are women. Therefore to date I have used only the female figure for investigation and portrayed them in a sensual nature.

Kudalini is a yoga meditation practice directed toward the release of Kundalini and latent female energy believed to lie coiled at the base of the spine. Considered the dangerous yoga, it is said that it can change your perceptions to a bliss type state, heighten your awareness, increase creativity and sensuality when ones Chakras are in balanced. Other adverse effects can also become apparent.